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Architect Mario Igartua

Behind the large iron gates, Buena Vista is a tiny community, a protected Sanctuary where not only the human residents are cherished, but nature as well.

Arq. Mario Igartua's imagination and knowledge of how to take advantage of building on a hill makes every home in Buena Vista a true masterpiece. 

Build your dream Villa using one of the beautiful plans already designed for each lot, or have your own architect design the perfect home for you and your family.

Ing. Luis Cervantes and his crew at Constructora Marabasco were chosen as the preferred builders at Buena Vista. Luis and his company are highly respected and have a 35 year reputation for excellence in Manzanillo. He built the elegant Grand Bay Hotel in Barre de Navidad and many fine homes in Careyes and La Punta.

Ing. Luis Cervantes and Mario Mendez of
Constructoras Marabasco receive a "Builder
of the Year" award from homeowner
Dave Edgar on their completion of his home.

Manzanillo, Mexico


Click above to see a sample of the Villa plan designed by Arq.Mario Igartua for Lot #11

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Lot Site Plan

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